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Sunday, October 14th, 2001.
The Hunt begins on the steps between Odegaard Library and Kane Hall, near the large flagpost.
(University of Washington Campus)
at 4:00 PM.

I haven't (just) been procrastinating on the planning of my annual Treasure Hunt, I have been patiently waiting for a specific and special occation on which to schedule the fun:  the showing of Stanley Kubrick's "2001:  A Space Odyssey" in 70mm at the Seattle Cinerama.

So October 14th will be two, two, two events in one:  my sixth annual "birthday" treasure hunt (if I keep bumping it back two months a year, it will eventually be back on my birthday again) and a screening of my favorite movie of all time.

Your job:  start assembling your team.  Teams should consist of three or four people, and you can register them here.  The festivities will begin at 4:00, October 14th.  Gather with your team on the steps between Kane Hall and Odegaard Libary on the University of Washington campus a little before 4:00 -- if you show up late and miss the reading of the rules (and distribution of the first clue) you will be very, very sad.

Afterwards we shall gather at the College Inn and Pub for assorted celebratory tippling, and then head en masse down to the Cinerama for the 7-ish viewing of 2001.

Everything is subject to change (except for the date) as I am still planning this beast.  I will send a follow-up email one week before the event with any additional information -- if you don't receive it, just check this website to make sure that nothing has changed.

Hope to see you there!

Matthew Baldwin

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