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  • The Ethicist Although I believe I have only read "The New York Times Magazine" once in my entire life, that was enough to get me hooked on this weekly reality check by Randy Cohen. Advice columns rarely interest me (I think the question "How can I get that cute guy to notice me?" has been adequately addressed, folks), but Cohen tackles the real thorny ones -- like, "If an online bookstore has an obvious pricing glitch and I have the opportunity to buy a $200 television for $0.20, is it okay to do so?" -- with style and inexhaustible horse sense. [nyt link, registration required]

  • The Earthling Robert Wright has written two of my favorite non-fiction books: The Moral Animal: Why We Are the Way We Are and Three Scientists and Their Gods. He now writes this occasional column for Slate.

  • I Love Television I don't love television, and my interest in The Stranger has been waning for years, but I still make a point of reading Wm.tm Steven Humphrey's column each and every week. Those who don't like it can kiss my honey-baked ham.

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