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Harry Potter Barroom Brawl

So a buddy and mine were in a bar and doing all the things guys do in bars -- drinking beer, and tilting our heads so as to keep the college girls in our peripheral vision, and, of course, talking about Harry Potter -- when my buddy claimed that whatshername, J. J. Rawling or whatever, had already finished writing the last book in the series. And I said dude, you must be stoned because that's so not true, and then he said no, dude, you must be stoned because it's totally true, and then I said he was a lying drunken so-and-so, and then ... well, you know how these Harry Potter discussions go.

Anyhoo, I finally got around to looking up this outrageous claim, and I found out that he was actually kind of right. Rawling has, in fact, written the end of the final book. But that's all she's written of book seven -- the last chapter -- and she's written nary a word of book six. Nary!

But since he was vaguely right, I now feel honor-bound to apologize to my buddy, here on a weblog that I'm certain he'll never see. So, Larry, about getting all up in your face about the Potter thing, and, y'know, breaking your pinky and stuff: I'm sorry. However, when you realize that I was right in regards to our other discussion of that evening (i.e. my assertion that Blink 182 is the greatest band of all time), I'll expect you to be equally contrite.

Posted on January 24, 2002 to