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The Bad Review Revue

The Bad Review Revue.

[A Walk to Remember] "If you don't know every single plot point and twist after the first twenty minutes, you've done the sensible thing and left after the first ten." Walter Chaw, FILM FREAK CENTRAL

"To regard The Mothman Prophecies merely as two hours of your life that you'll never get back is to miss the larger affront it poses." Bruce Newman, SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS

[Birthday Girl] "A mess, from its clangingly false emotional manipulation to the silliest 'suspense' music ever composed on a kazoo." Gregory Weinkauf, Los Angeles New Times

"The marketing weasels over at Disney deserve to have their beady little eyes gouged out with flaming icicles for the fast one they've pulled on audiences with Snow Dogs." Marc Savlov, Austin Chronicle

[Slackers] "A shit stain on the genre." Peter Travers, ROLLING STONE

Posted on February 01, 2002 to Bad Review Revue