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Best Picture

Who will win this year's coveted "Best Picture" Oscar? The critics weight in:

Moulin Rouge: "Ends up leaving you starved for a single moment of unhyped emotion. ... This is the only time I've been to a movie where the ringing of someone's cell phone wasn't an intrusion. The sound of a human voice in conversation seemed a godsend." -- David Edelstein, SLATE

In The Bedroom: [A] turgid bout of navel gazing. [This has] been done so many times before in the world of independent cinema that it's become a cliché, and if it wasn't for the acting, this would be one of the most forgettable films of the decade. -- Eric Lurio, GREENWICH VILLIAGE GAZETTE

A Beautiful Mind: "It's a tortured-genius movie, and Crowe lives down to the conception with a performance that is possibly the biggest load of hooey to stink up the screen this year." -- Charles Taylor, SALON

Gosford park: "Something goes wrong in the telling of this tale of murder at the Gosford Park house party, circa 1932. That something can be summed up in two words: Robert Altman ... Tedium overwhelms caring well before this endless film finally concludes." -- Richard Schickel, TIME

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring: "Like hearing Wagner's Ring Cycle remastered by a genius of the kazoo." -- David Elliott, SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE

Posted on February 22, 2002 to Bad Review Revue