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Skating vs. Gluttony

I watched half of the Women's Figure Skating Finals and half of The Glutton Bowl last night, and, I gotta tell ya, I found the Glutton Bowl to be a vastly more satisfactory viewing experience. No subjective judging or "style points" here, kids -- you either eat nine sticks of butter in five minutes or you don't. Oh, and the Russians think they should have won the third round? Well, how many hard boiled eggs did their contender get down? That's right, only 23; so boo-hoo, here's your silver.

If you somehow managed to miss The Glutton Bowl (and for some bizarre reason didn't get it on Tivo) the astounding Takeru Kobayashi won. If that name rings a bell, it's because he's the same 131-pound Japanese guy who got worldwide headlines last year for eating 50 hot dogs (and the buns!) in just 12 minutes. Sarah Hughes, eat your heart ou ... uhhhh, never mind.

Posted on February 22, 2002 to