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Weekend Sex

An exchange from Rewind, a weekly NPR comedy show from KUOW in Seattle. The show's guests are discussing a recent study that purportedly found the funniest joke in the world, and observing that none of them really enjoyed jokes that much. One person explained why:

Cash Peters: Standard jokes are a bit like really bad weekend sex. The kind of sex where, you know, you were tired all week so you plan to have sex on the weekend, but it's never as fun as random, spontanous, exciting sex. Jokes are like that. People say "I have this joke for you," and you know that now you just have to sit back and wait for the funny line, and you know you're not going to find it funny or amusing. I hate jokes for that reason. They're just basically bad sex with your clothes on.

Kermet Apio: That is one of the most beautiful analogies I've ever heard.

All the recent Rewind episodes can be heard through their website. The clip above comes from the January 11th show.

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