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Supermarket Sweep

It's interesting how sometimes people set out to accomplish a goal in a very specific way, but end up accomplishing the goal in an entirely unexpected manner. A great example of this happened recently on the tv show Supermarket Sweep. One of the contestants was trying to bulk up the overall total of merchandise he grabbed during his "Sweep" by putting as many garden hoses into his ... what? It's called "Supermarket Sweep." Yeah, it's a show, a game show. I dunno what station, some cable channel like the Game Show Station or something.

Anyhow, the guy was grabbing the garden hoses and trying to put them in his cart, but he bumped his cart and it started rolling down the aisle. Since he had his arms full with the hoses he couldn't stop the cart, so he ... yeah I watched this show. There was nothing else on. It was, like, this or COPS. Sure I have cable, but they just show crap on all the stations, it doesn't matter how many channels you have. No, this wasn't "crap," it was interesting. It was!

So the cart starts rolling down the aisle, and the guy drops .. listen dude, it was a good show. It was. It was interesting. The people, like, run all over this Supermarket, and the host stands in the produce section and asks them -- stop laughing you jerk! It's a good show!

Screw you, never mind. Asshole.

Posted on March 07, 2002 to Storytelling