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Tale In Headlines

US Intervention In The Middle East Conflict
A Tale In Headlines

Bush: "Enough is Enough" -- Chicago Tribune, April 5

Bush Demands Israel Withdraw Without Delay -- Washington Post, April 6

Bush to Sharon: "I Meant What I Said" -- Washington Post, April 10

Bush: "Didn't You Hear Me? I Said Stop It" -- Reuters, April 11

Bush Sends Powell To Middle East -- The Independent (UK), April 12

Bush Warns Sharon That Inaction Will Be Met With A More Sternly Worded Warning -- New York Times, April 13

Bush: "Dude, I'm, Like, So Totally Not Kidding Around Any More" -- Sydney Morning Herald, April 16

Powel Gives Up, Comes Home -- Los Angeles Times, April 18

Bush Shakes Fist, Purses Lips -- New York Times, April 19

Bush: "C'mon You Guys, Knock It Off. Seriously" -- Washington Post, April 21

Bush Insists This Isn't Funny Any More -- Reuters , April 22

Bush: "Stop It! Stop It! Stop It!" -- Los Angeles Times, April 24

Bush: "Stop It!" -- New York Times, April 25

Bush: "Please?" -- Washington Post, Arpil 27

Bush Runs Off Sobbing -- USA Today, April 28

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