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Money Money Money

Editor, Seattle Times

The other days I was flipping through my 744 cable stations trying to find some LA Law reruns, when I unfortunately stopped on one of those so-called "music television stations" where they were showing a clip from some "Rapping concert." In the clip there were three of these so-called "Rapsters" on stage and yelling "Money money money mon-ey! Money money money mon-ey!"

What is this country coming to? It's bad enough that you can't walk down the street without those kids with skateboards and the so-called "piercings" asking you for money, but now we have to see it on tv? Maybe these so-called "Rapsters" wouldn't have to stand in front of all those people asking for money if they got a JOB!

Think about it!

Zechariah Whateley
Golden Years Retirement Community

Posted on April 23, 2002 to