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High Praise Indeed

Check out this E! news story about the almost universal (ha!) drubbing that "Star Wars: Attack of the Clones" is receiving. I especially like this paragraph:

To be fair, not all of the early-bird Clones reviews are bad ... [Peter] Travers [of Rolling Stone] rates it as the third-best Star Wars flick, which is pretty high praise considering his first two picks are the near-impossible-to-top The Empire Strikes Back and the original film.
What, getting ranked lower than good movies qualifies as "high praise" now? How about "Roger Ebert said that he would rank Jason X lower than either Citizen Kane or Casablanca, which is pretty high praise considering how well regarded those two films are." And just for future reference, "better than Return of the Jedi" is not exactly a ringing endorsement either.

Posted on May 14, 2002 to