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Political Math
Last year, the Bush administration triggered international outrage when it announced the United States would not participate in the Kyoto Treaty, a UN-backed attempt to limit greenhouse gas emissions by industrial countries. At the time, President George W. Bush said the Kyoto Treaty ... would be too costly.

US Report Blames Humans for Global Warming
Reuters, June 3

Montana Sen. Conrad Burns, a Republican, said Monday he would attach language to an emergency appropriations bill pending in the Senate to help farmers who are suffering through the fifth year of a drought. "Having worked with the (Bush) administration, I am confident this amendment has legs to stand on," Burns said in a statement ... Steve Pringle, legislative director for the Texas Farm Bureau, said farmers were hesitant to ask Washington for more money considering the $51.7 billion farm law just passed a month ago. "It's difficult to go back to Congress and ask for additional funding at this time," Pringle said. "But I know producers are concerned about the existing conditions and whether the farm bill just passed will address these concerns.

Drought-stricken US farmers seek more federal aid
Forbes, June 3

You do the math. Somebody ought to.

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