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Crime Stoppers!

I love how the Bush administration, in an attempt to deflect criticism and distract attention from the 9/11 congressional hearing, has trotted out this guy they captured last month and is giving themselves a daily pat on the back by citing all the things he would have done if they hadn't stopped him. All of the news articles about the "dirty bomb" suspect started with "Ashcroft today announced that the US had apprehended a man in the process of planting a full-made and armed 'dirty bomb' in a preschool" and then go on to explain, in paragraph two, that despite the fact that Ashcroft has already printed up Crime Stopper! certificates for everyone in the Justice Department, the captured guy had really just "thought about exploring the possibility of perhaps making a dirty bomb someday maybe." (Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz even came out and admitted "I don't think there was actually a plot beyond some fairly loose talk") Then, today, officials say that the suspect plotted other attacks, including blowing up gas stations. Wow, we thwarted a dirty bomb and a gas station blowing-up, all in one week -- waytago guys! Tomorrow we'll find out that he was also planning to send junk email, strangle kittens, cut you off in traffic and cancel Everybody Loves Raymond.

I try not to be so partisan, but this one's really getting my goat. Sheesh.

Posted on June 12, 2002 to