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Write Your Own Political Thriller

Oh, so you want to write a political thriller? Okay, here's your plot. Set it in the present -- same time, same world, same middle-eastern crisis -- except have both Pakistan and India in the World Cup. Then send an international team of espionage agents over to Japan to work behind the scenes, doing everything in their power to ensure that Pakistan and India do not, under any circumstances, meet in a soccer match. And then, of course -- in spite of all the bribery and assassinations and underhanded machinations -- the two teams do meet, in the championship I assume. Meanwhile, tensions between the two nations continue to spiral out of control, with troop build-up on both sides of the disputed region and leaders boasting about their willingness to use nuclear arms first. And the whole world tenses as the final match approaches, knowing that, regardless of who wins and who loses, this is going to be like a match to a fuse.

How does it end? I dunno. That's why you are writing it and not me.

Posted on June 13, 2002 to