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Enemy Combatants

If the Justice Department gets its way, all they'll have to do is declare you an "enemy combatant" in the War Against Terrorism and you will be stripped of all your rights: denied council, held indefinitely, and the courts will not be allowed to second-guess the decision to give you the "enemy combatant" label.

Next up: people suspected of being drug users are labeled "enemy combatants" in the War Against Drugs, and the homeless become "enemy combatants" in the War Against Poverty!

(I'm joking, of course. See, it's funny because, unlike the War Against Terrorism, The War Against Drugs and the War Against Poverty are just catchy names given to ill-defined, undeclared "wars". Plus, the idea that the US Government could just strip some of its citizens of their rights whenever they want is a laughably far-fetched idea. Laughably!)

Posted on June 20, 2002 to