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Poetry Bus Project

The Seattle public transportation system has a groovy program called The Poetry Bus Project. Every year they announce a theme, poets (and would-be poets) submit short verse relating to the theme, the best are printed onto placards and displayed in buses throughout the city.

Last year's theme was "One to One: Points of Contact". Here is one of my favorites from that set:

Apparition on 15th NW

Driving home from the P.O., a route
I know well; already in the right lane
for the turn on 75th when I spot an
Electrified, expecting a vision -- Father
Zeus or Santa Claus -- I say, Okay, I
subscribe to that. Just show me.

And he comes down at the next corner:
larger-than-life suspenders. Full beard.
White cloud of hair. He disappears in my
rearview mirror, but I believe the sign.
He's real. He's there.

-- Madeline DeFrees
You can read all the 2001 winning entries here.

And if you live in Washington State, you can find details on how to submit poetry for next year's competition ("Lost & Found") on The Poetry Bus Project website.

Posted on July 15, 2002 to