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Whoa hey! I'm seeing a lot of new faces this morning. I suspect that many of you are here because Kafkaesque was kind enough to link to the yeti on his blog. I suspect others of you are here because you and I recently had a torrid weekend of passion, and although I have repeatedly insisted that I am a happily married man and our time together was just a case of "two adults who saw an opportunity and took advantage of it," you are now searching the Internet for my home address so you can come over to my house and boil my rabbit and wind up stabbed in the bathtub.

So anyhow ... wait, where was I going with this? I have no idea.

Oh, hang on, yes I do. I was saying that it's a staggering coincidence that Kafkaesque linked to the yeti yesterday, because I had been totally planning to link to his site, My Life As An American Gladiator, today on my home page! I had been planning this for weeks. I called it "Super August First Gladiator Surprise!" And although I admit the whole thing looks a little chummy, I can assure you that neither tit nor tat is involved. No quid, no pro --okay, yeah, maybe there's a little quo, but that's it.

It's, like, you know how all those corporations give all that money to politicians, and all those politicians make all those laws that favor corporations? And it seems really hard to believe that there's no correlation between the two? But then there's that one guy, the guy with the suit on the tv, and he says there's no connection whatsoever, and he must be telling the truth because he has a really expensive haircut? It's exactly like that. A zany statistical anomaly.

So go read his site. It particular, read the entire Calamto saga.

Oh, and while we're on the topic of duck-herding sheepdogs, you should also take a gander (ha!) at this.

Posted on August 01, 2002 to Links