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Jell-o Brand Pudding Pops Googlefucker

Oh hey: talking about pastimes I created and the mellifluous word "fucker" reminded me that I invented the most addictive Internet game of all time, although, for some unfathomable reason, it has failed to catch on as of yet. Remember Googlewhacking, where you would try and find two words which, when entered into Google, would result in only a single hit? Yeah, well my soon-to-be-insanely-popular meme is exactly like that, except totally different. Now the goal is to find a Googlefucker: a two word phrase in the form "_______ fucker" which, when entered into Google (enclosed in quotation marks), results in only one hit. Like, you know, "sofa fucker" or "toothpaste fucker".

Try it. This is gonna be the Next Big Internet Craze, and you'll wanna get in on the ground floor. Not only is it a great way to waste time, but you'll also have a blast trying to explain to your wife why, when she typed ma into Google, Internet Explorer helpfully suggested "mango fucker" as a completion.

" fucker"     
Update: Great news! Someone at the Jell-O company saw this entry and forwarded it on to his bosses. Well, they agree that Googlefucking is poised to become the Hugest Internet Fad Of Forever, and have agreed to sponser me! I can't tell you how much they're paying, but let's just say it's well over $50. So the site I'm working on, Googlefucker.com, will be hosted on their servers, and promoted on the Jell-O Brand Pudding Pops boxes and everything. The only catch is that now, if you find a Googlefucker and are bragging about it on your blog or to your friends, you can't just call it a "Googlefucker" anymore, you hafta say "Hey Carl, did you know that the phrase "Unix Fucker" is a Jell-O Brand Pudding Pops Googlefucker?" So be sure to do that, okay?
Update: Someone at Jell-O looked up "fucker" in the dictionary and found out that's it's quote-unquote "vulgar". So the deal's off.
Posted on August 23, 2002 to Tools and Toys


Also, while I don't wish to brag, I would be remiss not to mention: "tea fucker", "drum fucker", "bamboo fucker" and "bassoon fucker".

Posted by: Matthew on August 23, 2002 9:12 AM

"algebra fucker". Heh. The single result is this fascinating piece of web art.

Posted by: Graham on August 23, 2002 11:18 AM

"calendar fucker" I'm assuming you don't count the paid links that pop up.

Posted by: Mr. Big Business on August 23, 2002 11:34 AM

"yeti fucker" is another good one.

Posted by: Nobody on August 23, 2002 2:06 PM

Damn! Scooped on "yeti".

All I can get is the extremely lame "keyboard fucker".


Posted by: interrobang on August 23, 2002 3:20 PM

I claim a, er, Googlefuck on "Bacon fucker".

Mmm, nice!

Posted by: Chris on August 24, 2002 4:39 AM

A friend of mine pointed out Constipated fucker.

Posted by: Matthew on August 25, 2002 9:59 PM

Encyclopedia Fucker.


Posted by: Joel on August 27, 2002 10:27 AM

Try this: "blog fucker".

Posted by: Will on August 27, 2002 11:18 AM

Google Search: "peanut fucker"

Posted by: ra on August 30, 2002 10:54 AM

Got one: ecstatic fucker

Posted by: Liney on October 18, 2002 4:33 PM

i'd like to announce that i've personally ruined any attempts at getting a googlefuck for "fishfucker". thank you.

Posted by: fishfucker on October 18, 2002 5:14 PM

"Thief fucker" works.

Posted by: sailoreagle on October 19, 2002 3:11 AM

"Cobra fucker" works !!!

Posted by: azy on October 22, 2002 5:59 AM

egg f*cker
knee f*cker
gray f*cker and grey f*cker are close

Posted by: Anonymous on July 7, 2003 8:34 PM


Posted by: romulus on August 14, 2003 9:36 PM

oh duh.

(no yetifucker, alas)

Posted by: Anonymous on August 14, 2003 9:37 PM

only one about ladies asking for the "spinach, fucker"

Posted by: Stephenie on March 6, 2004 7:50 PM