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Lactose Intolerance

Story told to me by my mother:

"When I was pregnant with you, your father and I took prenatal classes to learn how to care for a newborn. And in the class with us was this couple who were very young and obviously from a rural area. The husband, especially -- all this guy needed was a piece of straw sticking out of the corner of him mouth and he would have been the very picture of the Country Boy.

"So one day we learned about breastfeeding. And at the end of the class, this young guy raised his hand and said 'But what do we do if we're not going to breastfeed?' And the teacher looked surprised and said 'You're not going to breastfeed your child? Why not?' And the kid replied 'We can't, because my wife is allergic to milk.'"

Posted on September 04, 2002 to Conversations