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The Friday Five

I see the Friday Five on blogs everywhere, but I have never done it myself. Well, this morning sc4mk1d@hotmail.com sent me today's list and asked me to do it and send him my replies. I'm not one to turn down a request from a fan, and I figure I might as well post my answers here for everyone to enjoy. So here you go!

  1. What is your biggest pet peeve? Why? When you're sleeping, and the corner of the fitted sheet comes off. It's a total drag to get out of bed to fix it, so I just sort of do that hop, you know, where you try and pull the sheet back over the corner of the mattress while laying in bed? And you can never get it back on, or, if you do, it just pops right back off again? I hate that!
  2. What irritating habits do you have? I don't spellcheck my email very often. I also talk too loud, sometimes.
  3. What is your credit card number? Expiration date? 4899 0010 7091 1842, expires 08/04
  4. What are your favorite passwords? Oh, I've always liked "secret" (get it?). For my email I use "eeeeemail" because it's easy to remember, and my password at the office is "iH8work". Everywhere else I just use my last name backwards ("niwdlab").
  5. What one thing can you never see yourself doing that other people do? Skydiving. Also: flossing.
Thanks sc4mk1d -- that was fun!

Posted on September 06, 2002 to Humor