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The Bad Review Revue
swimfan: "It would be great to see this turd squashed under a truck. " -- Peter Travers, ROLLING STONE
"Stealing Harvard has one extraordinary virtue for a Tom Green movie: It doesn't star Tom Green. What a fabulous breakthrough! Not since Stravinsky stunned the world with The Rite of Spring has someone unveiled an aesthetic shocker of such epochal dimensions." -- Stephen Hunter, WASHINGTON POST.
Master of Disguises: "Pants and wheezes and hurls itself exhausted across the finish line after barely 65 minutes of movie, and then follows it with 15 minutes of end credits in an attempt to clock in as a feature film." -- Rogert Ebert, CHICAGO SUN-TIMES
"As a child, I thought pure hell meant eternal agony in the flames of Satan. Now I know it's looking down at your watch and realizing Serving Sara isn't even halfway through." -- Desson Howe, WASHINGTON POST
fear dot com: "I feel guilty and somehow unclean. And all I did was watch it." -- Eric Campos, FILM THREAT
Posted on September 13, 2002 to Bad Review Revue