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#733 In A Series

At my library, on the "New Arrivals" shelf, I noticed yesterday that they now carry The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Golf.

Gimmie a break. What's next?

AA Is For Another Alibi

Furry Love: The Rules
Ender's Pancreas
Lonely Planet Guide: Antartica
Drunken Groping (Silhouette Intimate Moments, No. 1179)
Starfleet Retirement Community #14: Sulu Checks In
Chicken Soup For Martin Danderson of Kentdale, Iowa's Soul
Mars Won't Ask For Directions, Venus Loves To Shop: More Explorations Into Gender Stereotyping
The Darwin Awards XXIV: More Dumb People! Dying!
The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Played-Out Franchise Book Themes (Step one: "Don't panic! No one will read the 72nd or 73rd book in the series, but that doesn't mean a publisher won't buy them.")
Update: Rory reminds me that, when it comes to marketing, you can never assume that an idea is so absurd that it doesn't actually exist. Posted on October 16, 2002 to Great Ideas