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White House Petitions Congress For Fourth Adjective

Just 24 hours after referring to North Korea's nuclear weapons program as "troubling," The Bush Administration has asked Congress to authorize a fourth adjective for use by the executive branch. "In these troubling times of cowardly acts, it is essential that the White House have the necessary adjectives to describe people of evil," Bush insisted. But Senate majority leader Tom Daschle expressed skepticism that a fourth word would be allotted. "In the wake of 9/11, we gave the President almost unlimited use of the word "evil," -- it's not our fault that he applied it to everything from foreign nations to pretzels. And when he came to us earlier this year, asking for 'Cowardly' and 'Troubling,' he assured us that three words would be more than sufficient. Now he wants a fourth? How do we know he won't just squander this one like the others?" When asked to comment on Daschle's remarks, White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer characterized them as "Cowardly, troubling, and evil."

Posted on October 17, 2002 to News