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For Every Season, Turn, Turn
Reasons To Lament The Passing of Summer
Reasons To Celebrate the Advent of Winter
Can no longer drink ale with lemon in it without looking like a nancyboy
Can begin drinking stout with the viscosity of motor oil and the alcohol content of brandy without looking like a drunk
Realization that I have gone another year without once riding my bicycle to work
Realization that I again have the opportunity to become an avid snowshoer
No more warm days
Opportunity to swaddle scrawny frame in layers of bulky clothing
Possibility of snow
Possibility of getting out of work due to snow
Can no longer barbecue
Can begin using fireplace
Fewer daylight hours makes running in the evening more difficult
May now dismiss excess 10 lbs. as "winter weight"
No more baseball
No more wasting 10+ hours a week watching baseball
Wife and cat become moody due to lack of sunshine
[There is no upside to this]
Impending holiday season brings with it an onslaught on unchecked consumerism
Unchecked consumerism results in my receiving presents
Goodbye, women wearing sundresses
Hello, women wearing sweaters
Posted on October 17, 2002 to Observations


You let a little thing like winter stop you from barbequeing?? I don't get it.

Posted by: aine42 on October 18, 2002 9:11 AM