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Monday Morning Yada Yada Yada

One of my favorite lunchtime eateries is a nearby deli called Honeyhole Sandwiches. They have great food, but I think we'll all agree that "Honeyhole" is the dirtiest sounding name of all time. I'm even embarrassed to tell my coworkers I'm going there. "Hey boss, I'll be in the Honeyhole for an hour ..." -- yeah, not likely. The worst thing about the joint is that it puts me in this mode where everything sounds dirty. I was there last Friday and, looking over the menu, phrases like "Skirt Steak Sandwich" and "French Dip" were making me blush. After lunch I stopped at the pet store an picked up a "Sparkle Tickler" for my cats. For an hour after my return I had to sit at my desk and meditate before I could concentrate on work again.

Speaking of work, our break room suddenly contains "Butterfinger Hot Cocoa Mix." "Chocolatey!" the box boasts. "Peanut-Buttery!" Yes, this is what America needs: an even easier way to injest candy. Now you don't even have to expend calories to chew.

I saw an A.P. Headline over the weekend: Rumsfeld Says No Doubt, Iraq Has Banned Weapons. Oh my dear God! It's bad enough Hussein has weapons of mass destruction, but now Gwen Stefani has them as well?!

I have fallen way behind in book reviews, making this Super Magic defective yeti Book Review Week ... of Terror! So brace yourself for that.

Posted on December 16, 2002 to Observations


Oh my goodness, I just have to tell you how much you pick me up when I read your entries. You are one of the most cynical, jaded, and hilarious men I have ever read. Now for my comment: I have had the butterfinger hot cocoa mix in my pantry for months now. Everyone is a little bit terrified of it. (Even though secretly I will down all of that buttery goodness relishing every fattening gulp). Not really.

Posted by: Simon on December 16, 2002 6:30 PM