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Sometimes I have what I believe to be a moderately humorous idea, but when I actually write it down it turns out to be a bit funnier than I anticipated.

And then, other times ...

See, Saddam is, like, totally dead, right? But the Iraqi leadership doesn't want people to know that. So it's just like that 80's movie, you know, about the two guys and the corpse? So -- hah hah! -- if I take the poster from that flick and PhotoShop Saddam';s face onto it, ho boy, that's gonna be a ri-ot!

Yeah, some thing are funnier in theory ...

Update: Ha! Proof positive that no joke is so flaccid that someone won't claim it as their own. Oh well, you know what they say: getting ripped off by a Live Journal User is the highest form of flattery. And his version looks better than mine, so more power to 'im.

Update: Upon closer inspection I realize that I have been ripped off by a Xanga User, which is only the eleventh highest form of flattery. I guess I won't be mentioning this on my resume after all.

Update: Dear Lord! I traced the "plagerized" image back to its source, and found it posted here three days ago! I suppose this could be construed as evidence that my "joke" was unoriginal in addition to falling flat, but I'm sticking to my "rip off artists / time travel" theory all the same.

Update: Thievery!!!

Posted on April 01, 2003 to Humor