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I broke down and got one of those Razor Scooters. I waited a little while before buying one because I wanted to make sure that the whole scooter thing wasn't going to turn out to be just a passing fad or something, but I finally couldn't wait any longer. Ya gotta strike while the iron is in the fire, you know? Anyhow, I rode it to work today -- man, it's totally sweet. I loved the way it felt when the wind was blowing through my goatee. I didn't see anyone else was riding one, which is cool because I hate it when things like this get all popular and shit, where everyone is doing it. But it looks like I'm still ahead of the curve.

Also, the other day I bought this decal that was like the, whattayacallit, Christian fish thing, the Jesus Fish or whatever, except this one had legs and it said "Darwin" on it! I'd tell you where I bought it but I don't want, like, everyone to rush out and get one.

Posted on April 08, 2003 to Humor