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Cary Grant Is Dead

On the bus, a woman is sitting in the frontmost seat chatting with the driver:

Woman: When they make a movie about your life, who is going to play you?

Driver: Well, the man who would have played me just died today.

Woman: Oh, Gregory Peck!

Driver: Yep.

Woman: You know that other guy just died, too. David Brinkley. I wonder who's going to be next.

Driver: I dunno.

Woman: Because these things always happen in threes, you know.

Driver: I know.

Woman: What about Cary Grant? Is Cary Grant still alive?

Driver: I don't think so

Woman: Hmm. It'll probably be somebody else, then. Maybe Bob Hope.

Driver: Bob Hope would be good.

Posted on June 12, 2003 to Conversations