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Bad Review Revue

Hollywood Homicide: "My god in heaven, did anyone making this film have an original thought in their lives?" -- Kevin Carr, Film Threat

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle: "If this is the kind of empowerment women in Hollywood have been fighting for over the last century or so, it's no wonder Katharine Hepburn died this weekend." -- Glenn Kenny, PREMIERE

Dumb and Dumberer: "This nightmarish travesty barrels along with all the whipcord speed and nimble comedic grace of a loved one's funeral." -- Marc Savlov, AUSTIN CHRONICLE

The Hulk: "Goes on for two hours and 20 minutes and there's not a stirring or exciting moment in it. At last, a comic-book movie that National Public Radio listeners can be proud to take their kids to see." -- Charles Taylor, SALON.COM

From Justin To Kelly: "Kelly plays 'Kelly' and Justin plays 'Justin,' and anyone who plunks down $8 plays the fool." -- Wesley Morris, SEATTLE P-I

Posted on July 03, 2003 to Bad Review Revue