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Fox Sues Michael Moore Over Use Of Term 'Michael Moore'

FOX news has sued filmmaker Michael Moore over his repeated usage of the term "Michael Moore," both in print and on his website. "FOX has a long and established tradition of using the phrase 'Michael Moore' as a synonym for any person or group that expresses the slightest unease about Bush Administration policies," reads the complaint. "If Michael Moore's were ever to behave rationally, it would irrevocably blur and tarnish the strawman FOX has worked so diligently to construct." Although some legal scholars warn that the lawsuit serves only to stifle Moore's First Amendment rights, FOX has dismissed such critics as "a bunch of wacko left-wing extremists of the Michael Moore variety." Lawyers for the media giant demand that Michael Moore cease usage of the term within 30 days and adopt the name "Stubbley McFatguy".

Posted on August 13, 2003 to News