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Do this:

  • Make clockwise circles on the floor with your right foot;
  • Now, without looking at your foot, use the index finger on your right hand to draw the number "6" in the air.
Did your foot change direction? Yes it did, you liar.

A big thanks to TTT for pointing out that I am unable to control my own goddamned body

Posted on August 13, 2003 to Misc


On the same vain try hold your arms up shoulder height with the fists facing each other, then spin one arm clockwise and the other counter clockwise. It's difficult not to change the direction of your arms involuntarily but it can be done with practice. Left side, right side brain thing.

Posted by: Steve on August 13, 2003 4:52 PM

uh ... am I missing something? I didn't have a seconds worth of trouble doing this.

Posted by: Will on August 13, 2003 5:06 PM

I must be wired wrong...my foot didn't change direction. I tried it like five times, and now I have rugburn on my toe. Heh.

Posted by: Beth on August 13, 2003 5:12 PM

Addendum to previous message: if you didn't figure out my first message, don't spin your arms in same direction, spin opposite

Posted by: Steve on August 13, 2003 5:26 PM

I've been sitting here circling my toe and attempting drawn 6s in the air for a good two minutes.

I must be as stupid as I look.

Posted by: brittney on August 13, 2003 6:03 PM

Damned you. Now I'm gonna be doing this all night.

Posted by: Duane on August 13, 2003 6:22 PM

when I first started reading this I thought that the title meant that he was going to give me instructions, and then laugh at me for following them.

Posted by: Pippi on August 13, 2003 6:47 PM

If you're left-handed (or just feel contrary) use your left hand&foot. If you use opposite hand & foot, there's no challenge!

Posted by: Greg on August 13, 2003 7:25 PM

I just did this and didn't have any problem...
then I realized that I'm one of those people who draws certain things backwards... instead of starting at the top of the 6, I start with the loop... moving clockwise up to the top...
no problem... been like that since I was a wee lad...

...so I tried it the other way and sho nuff.

Posted by: petehed on August 13, 2003 8:34 PM

Odd, my girlfriend had me do this just last night. Unfortunately, my inepetness didn't lead to her seducing me like a ravished vixen.

Posted by: ufez on August 13, 2003 10:08 PM

i don't know if i'm drunk or retarded, but my foot changed directions. for all of you who aren't so lucky.. i feel sorry for you. i finally have another way to entertain myself when i'm all alone.

Posted by: daniel on August 14, 2003 12:53 AM

Wow.... that's crazy! Lookit that foot going counterclockwise! Oh, I can stop now? Oh... well... ok...

BTW: That first comment, I'm not sure what's so hard about it. I'm spinning my arms opposite directions with no problem.

Posted by: Ryan Waddell on August 14, 2003 5:01 AM

Your foot doesn't change direction if you draw the 6 clockwise (ie, start in the middle and then swirl around to the top). But mine sure as hell did the other way.

Great site, btw. I've become an addict.

Posted by: Justin on August 14, 2003 6:30 AM

more at-work entertainment, yay! my foot did change direction. but i'll er, save the spinning arms for when i get home. flailing arms viewed over the top of a cubicle just might draw some attention.

Posted by: janice on August 14, 2003 7:00 AM

YOU CRRRRAAAAAAZY! I can do it! But then again, I am a mofo genius. Damn the man who says otherwise.

Posted by: Ben on August 14, 2003 7:23 AM

which way is clockwise? is that righty-tighty or lefty-loosey?


Posted by: studebacherhoch on August 14, 2003 8:08 AM

In a similar vein, try this. Tilt your head toward your right shoulder, and extend your left arm straight in the air. Stick your right leg out at about 45 degrees and slowly spin while humming "Shadows of the Night" by Pat Benatar. Also, do it at work. Then promptly quit.

Posted by: Craft on August 14, 2003 8:52 AM

You will notice that people who play the drums have no problem with this one. They can set each of their limbs on autopilot. I think Beth needs to take up the drums.

Posted by: chris on August 14, 2003 10:58 AM

My entire office is now acting like a troupe of gyroscopic mimes.

Posted by: palinode on August 14, 2003 12:44 PM

It's easier to do if you're using Roman numerals.

Posted by: palinode on August 14, 2003 12:46 PM

My right foot was circling and I drew a six in the air three times... and sure enough, I summoned Beelzebub. That's when things got really messy.

Posted by: Dugrless on August 14, 2003 1:37 PM

My foot startded moving in a diagonal line when I made the 6... Anyone care to take a Freudian stab at it?

Posted by: Josh on August 14, 2003 1:43 PM

I can keep my foot going just fine and I can do the arm spinny thing too, have enjoyed that one since I was a kid. So I guess I have that limb autopilot business, but, Chris, I can't play the drums to save my soul, what gives?

Posted by: KFH on August 15, 2003 1:08 PM

thank you for a good laugh at myself!!! you can laugh at me too if ya want

Posted by: -_- on August 15, 2003 4:04 PM

when i did it my foot made a figure 8 whats up with that

Posted by: jon on August 15, 2003 8:08 PM

Ha! My girlfriend said to tell you -when I made her try it after she laughed at me - "harumph. fucker."

Posted by: Greg on August 17, 2003 11:00 PM

What the???

Posted by: Willie on August 19, 2003 7:49 AM

im ambidextrous, i tried it both ways a bunch of times and it didnt work. can i sue you for being exclusionary of minorities, or something like that?

Posted by: roadman on August 19, 2003 5:56 PM

Oh my lord. There's an office full of people trying to do this now. Thank god for the internet

Posted by: sasssykat on August 21, 2003 2:07 PM

son of a bitch..I thought I had more coordination than that!

Posted by: Paris on September 10, 2003 7:56 AM

Out of everyone I work with and everyone my mom works with, I'm the only one who can do this with no problem. Everyone else's foot either stops or changes direction.

Posted by: Quntmphscs on January 15, 2004 6:15 AM