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You Mean With Me, Right?

Coworker enters my office with a adolescent girl.

Coworker: Matthew? This is my daughter, C.

Me: Hey there, C. Nice to meet you.

C.: Hi. Are you "Matt the Jew"?

Me: Am I, uh, what? The Jew?

Coworker: Oh, hah hah! I told her about what happened at the meeting last week.

Me: The meeting?

Coworker: You know. When you were demonstrating that software but you mistyped your username so it kept calling you "Mattjew" ?

Me: It did?

Coworker: Yeah. Don't you remember?

Me: I guess I didn't notice.

Coworker: Really? Why did you think everyone was laughing?

Me: People were laughing?

Coworker: You didn't notice everyone laughing at you?

Posted on August 14, 2003 to Conversations