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Stocks Fall On Disappointing Forecasts -- The Movie!

Via Monkey Disaster:

Studio plans 'Fan Interference' movie

A Chicago Cubs fan reaching for a foul ball, an action blamed by some for keeping the team out of the World Series, has already inspired plans for a movie, according to a published report. Trade publication Daily Variety reports that Revolution Studios has accepted a pitch for a movie tentatively titled "Fan Interference" ...

Okay, stop. Stop right there.

Revolution Studios accepted a "pitch" for this movie? Let's ignore the pun for the moment (actually, let's ignore it forever) and concentrate on the fact that the studio required another human being to "pitch" this idea. How do you wind up running a movie studio if it never occurs to you that interesting things that happen in real life might also be interesting when they happen in a film?

And how did this "pitch" go, exactly? I can only imagine. "You'd better notify your next of kin, because this idea is going to Blow. You. Away. Are you ready? Are you sitting down? Okay, here it is. You know that thing they are showing incessantly on tv for free? Well you should show it ... in theaters!"

How much do you get paid for a service like this? If it's more than a dollar then, Revolution Studios, come to papa yeti next time the ol' movie idea well goes dry. Check out these great concepts I just-this-moment came up with:

  • A movie where, defying Bush, the senate votes to make Iraq pay back loan
  • A movie where F.D.A. approves new Alzheimer's drug
  • A movie where Bolivia's poor proclaim abiding distrust of Globalization
  • A movie where 4 American soldiers killed in 2 new attacks in Iraq
  • A movie where breast-feeding seen not to curb childhood obesity
  • A movie where Bush and Japan's Premier fail to agree on issue of the dollar
  • A movie where, after 21 hours, Chinese spacecraft lands safely
  • A movie where Lee Bailey, expert on cooking and entertaining, dies at 76
  • A movie where Jack Black gives the performance of his career in 'School of Rock'
  • A movie where occcasional showers expected throughout weekend
I've got a million of 'em. Seriously.

Posted on October 17, 2003 to Great Ideas