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2003 Flossathon

A BIG thanks to those local Seattle celebrities who participated in the 2003 defective yeti Flossathon yesterday: Leslie Miller, Dan Wilson, Ron Sims, and, of course, Paul Allen -- they were all here in the defective yeti studio, flossing for 24 continuous hours to help raise money for the blog!!

And I'm pleased to announce that we not only met out goal of $35 but SMASHED THROUGH IT, raising over $37 for operational costs and snacks! That's enough to keep defective yeti online for another three weeks!!!!!

We apologize to those who tried to phone in a pledge after 3:00 yesterday afternoon -- unfortunately we had to stop taking calls because the bleeding gums and loose teeth made it excruciatingly painful to talk. But next year we hope to have a non-flossathoner answering the phones.

Thanks again for your support!!!

Posted on November 20, 2003 to dy