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IT Guys ... In The Elevator!

Overheard in the elevator:

IT Guy 1: Sure, I know that band. They're pretty good.

IT Guy 2: I have their album, if you want me to burn you a CD.

IT Guy 1: That would be cool. But burn it as mp3s, not as CD tracks. I don't even bother with CDs any more. Over Christmas I converted all my CDs to mp3s and then used a 25 foot cable to connect my server to my stereo. So now I just run the whole thing from my PC.

IT Guy 2: Yeah, I did that too. 'Cept my PC is in the room adjacent to the living area, so I have a 50 foot cable.

Oh, brother. At least when guys discuss their cars there's a modicum of subtlety about what they're actually comparing.

Posted on January 12, 2004 to Conversations