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I Am My Anti-Drug!

The Queen calls me at work:

The Queen: Guess what.

Me: AJ is your favorite Backstreet Boy.

Q: I just saw you on TV.

M: You ... huh?

Q: I was watching the local news and, in the middle of a story, there was this huge close-up of your face.

M: Really? What was the story about?

Q: The pleasurable effects of smoking marijuana.

M: Whaaaa-?

Q: They were talking about some new study that says the buzz people get while running is chemically similar to a marijuana high, and they were showing footage from a gym. And I was, like, 'hey, I think that's Matt in the background.' And then, all the sudden, your face was filling the screen.

M: Wow, crazy. I must have been the best looking guy in the gym; it's the only explanation.

Q: I don't think so. Actually, you looked pretty unpleasant.

M: So they were talking about the euphoric effects of pot while showing a picture of me sweating and grimacing?

Q: Yep. You probably stopped a hundred kids from experimenting with marijuana.

Posted on January 14, 2004 to Conversations