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The Bad Review Revue

Johnson Family Vacation: "If laughs are the currency of any comedy, this one pays minimum wage." -- Rick Groen, GLOBE AND MAIL

Connie and Carla: "Vardalos's movies aren't written as much as up-chucked, the result of all-night binges on SnackWells and Oxygen network reruns." -- David Ng, VILLAGE VOICE

The Punisher: "The ad for it claims, 'The Punishment Begins April 16'. And boy, does it." -- Eleanor Ringel Gillespie, ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION

Man On Fire: "Suffers from the editing-room equivalent of an irritable bowel." -- Wesley Morris, BOSTON GLOBE (thanks, boss)

13 Going On 30: "So basically, as you could probably gather on your own, this movie is dumb, dull, and lacking any sort of charm. And besides that, the stupid promo package that the movie people sent contained 'wishing dust,' which got all over my desk. Fucking glitter." -- Megan Seling, THE STRANGER

Posted on April 23, 2004 to Bad Review Revue