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The Bad Review Revue

New York Minute: "As agonizing as a sucking chest wound." -- Marrit Ingman, AUSTIN CHRONICLE

Godsend: "Has the sensitivity of a cactus, the ingenuity of a square wheel, and the integrity of a CEO." -- Wesley Morris, BOSTON GLOBE

Laws of Attraction: "This shabby enterprise gets so many things so wrong that it freezes your face into a cringe." -- Joe Morgenstern, WALL STREET JOURNAL

Van Helsing: "Not so much spine-tingling as butt-numbing." -- Michael Sragow, BALTIMORE SUN

Envy: "Black plays an inventor who instills murderous envy in his best friend by making millions off a spray called Vapoorizer. You spray the stuff on dog poo, and the poo just vapoorizes. Later, environmentalists are up in arms. 'Where did the shit go?' they want to know. The answer is painfully obvious: into the screenplay." -- Peter Travers, ROLLING STONE

Posted on May 07, 2004 to Bad Review Revue