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Maw Maw

Here's my prodigy of a son trying to cram an object the size of a cantaloup into his piehole:

(Don't worry, that's not an enormous 50s-era atom, just a run-of-the-mill winkel. Although it would cool if it were a big atom, because then he'd probably get super-strength or the ability to teleport or something. That's how radioactivity works, as I understand it.)

We've been patiently waiting for The Squirrelly to develop a personality, but, now that he has one, we're kinda wishing it wasn't that of a insatiable vortex. Trying to put every object on Earth into his yapper has become his full time hobby. He's committed to the cause even while sleeping. Last night I reached out and patted his belly while he slept; he responded by seizing my arm and going at my wrist like it was a cob of corn, looking like the world's most ineffectual wolverine.

Oh well. It's kind of endearing, watching him endeavor to shove an entire carseat into his mouth with no thought toward what would happen if he succeed. That kind of naive blindness and inability to think about the consequences of his actions gives me hope that, someday, he too will have children.

Posted on June 09, 2004 to The Squirrelly