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Get A Grip

At work, talking to The Queen on the phone:

Me: How are you getting downtown?

The Queen: I dunno, drive, probably. Maybe take the bus. Do you know which bus goes there.

M: The 37. It leaves that Park & Ride near our house and stops downtown on 4th.

Q: Ugh -- I'll drive. I've taken the 37 before, and it's always full of hyperactive high school kids. I don't really want to be surrounded by a bunch of teenage boys who don't know how to handle themselves.

M: Yeah, kids today have forgotten all the essential skills. Why, when I was a teenage boy I handled myself all the time.

{dead air}

M: Okay, well, now I kinda wish I hadn't said that out loud at the office.

Posted on June 08, 2004 to Conversations