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The Bad Review Revue

Sleepover: "The only thing that could redeem this sour patch of candy-coated crud would be a final shot of Earth exploding." -- Scott Brown, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

Around the World in 80 Days: "An exceedingly lame vehicle for an increasingly tired-looking Jackie Chan - might as well be called Around the World in 80 Yawns." -- Lou Lumenick, NEW YORK POST.

Anchorman: "It's unfair that Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, who wrote the Anchorman, didn't have to come up with any jokes, yet I'm expected to muster up the energy to invent something fresh, informative and entertaining to say about their so-called comedy." -- Karen Karbo, THE OREGONIAN

King Authur: "Bleak, remarkably turgid, tediously violent, devoid of drama, deprived of magic, stripped of romance and, except for one of the oddest boy-meets-girl scenes in movie history, a befuddled and befuddling excuse for entertainment." -- David Sterrit, WALL STREET JOURNAL

The Notebook: "There's no way to endure this movie without earplugs and a blindfold." -- Peter Travers, ROLLING STONE

Posted on July 09, 2004 to Bad Review Revue