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Wrong Turns

I had lunch with John Moe. We talked politics.

JM What's really interesting about the Republican Convention is that, the day after Bush gives his acceptance speech, the jobs report comes out. And it could corroborate or contradict what he says about the economy.

MB: Well, except I'm sure Bush will pull some strings and get a sneak peak at it.

JM: True.

MB: So, really, we'll know what the job report says a day early, based on Bush's speech.

JM: Right. If it's positive he'll say, like, "we're turned the corner!" And if it's bad he'll say "We're still, um, approaching the corner."

MB: He'll say, "There's a light at the end of the tunnel. And we'll reach that light, and come out of the tunnel, and walk down the street for a bit. And then: there will be a corner."

JM: "Don't worry about it you guys, I've totally been here before and I'm sure there's a corner way up, up over there."

MB: "Remember a few months ago when I said we'd turned a corner? I wasn't lying, but, before we turned that corner, the economy was going down, right? After the turn we started moving horizontal -- perpendicular to the way we were going before. So if we want the economy to go up, we have to turn another corner, see? And that corner is just ahead."

JM: "There's like a record store, and then there's some guy ... in a hat? And I think the corner is right past that guy."

Posted on August 10, 2004 to Politics