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Saved By The Bus

Woman One is standing at a bus stop; Woman Two, carrying a stack of Watchtower magazines is walking by. Woman Two recognizes Woman One and stops in her tracks.

Woman Two: Well, heeeeey!

Woman One: Oh. Oh, hi.

W2: What's going on?

W1: Oh, just, you know. Waiting for my bus.

W2: I hear you.


W2: You been at work?

W1: Yeah.

W2: Me, I've been spreading the Word of the Lord.

W1: Oh?

W2: Oh, yeah. Because folks around here, you know, they say they have faith. But there's "faith," and then there's faith, you know?

W1: Uh-huh.

W2: So I give 'em one of these, and we get to talking. Have you heard of this magazine Watchtower?

W1: Uh, I ...

W2: Here, let me --

W1: I think that's my bus.

W2: Which one?

W1: This one right here. Yeah, this is it.

W2: Awwwww. Well it was great to see you! We should talk some time. You got my number. I don't know why you never call me.

Posted on October 12, 2004 to Conversations