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The Bad Review Revue

Taxi: "As entertaining as watching a potato bake." -- Marc Savlov, AUSTIN CHRONICLE

Ladder 49: "Bearable only to people in deep mourning and vulnerable to emotional coercion." -- John Anderson, NEWSDAY

What the *$%# Do We Know?: "Like being stuck at a science fair, with a 5-year-old on one side asking questions and his hippie parents on the other fumbling to answer them." -- Jon Niccum, LAWRENCE JOURNAL-WORLD

First Daughter: "Just one hackneyed, inauthentic, predictable scene after another." -- Michael O'Sullivan, WASHINGTON POST

Shall We Dance?: " [The original] Shall We Dance? was a wry and touching comedy perfectly at home in its Japanese setting. Now, forcibly deported to Chicago and peopled with American stars, the same story is huffed and puffed and squeezed into an entirely different cultural context. Guess what? Sayonara sushi, hello turkey." -- Rick Groen, GLOBE AND MAIL

Posted on October 15, 2004 to Bad Review Revue