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The Bad Review Revue

Darkness: "About as chilling as an unplugged refrigerator." -- Elias Sevade, FILM THREAT

The Phantom of the Opera: "Combines fingernails-on-blackboard audio agony with bamboo-under-fingernails physical torture. " -- Carrie Rickey, PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

Open My Heart: "Those looking for a smarter précis on sex and shame with one-thirtieth the running time are encouraged to seek out Madonna's Open Your Heart video on VH1." -- Melissa Anderson, THE VILLIAGE VOICE

She Hate Me: "The mélange of plots, subplots, reveries, gags, cartoons, dirty bits, and hissy fits points to a work that is structurally modelled less on the classic narratives of cinema than on a portion of Russian salad." -- Anthony Lane, THE NEW YORKER

Blade Trinity: "Dracula, as played by Dominic Purcell, has all the dark charisma and burning threat of a baked potato." -- Sean Axmaker, SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCE

Meet The Fockers: "Has assembled a historic, once-in-a-lifetime cast, then stranded them in the laziest, most mercenary kind of sequel imaginable. It's like the 1927 Yankees taking on the Special Olympics softball team." -- Nathin Rabin, THE ONION

Posted on January 07, 2005 to Bad Review Revue