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The Bad Review Revue

The Pacifier: "Should have been strangled in its crib. " -- Jami Bernard, NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Be Cool: "Manages the dubious trick of being both execrable and boring. " -- Joe Morgenstern, WALL STREET JOUNRAL

Are We There Yet: "All too effectively conveys the claustrophobic horror of being shackled in a small space with two whiny, hateful children. " -- Nathan Rabin, THE ONION (A.V. CLUB)

Elektra: "Devotees of awful filmmaking can't go wrong with this one. " -- Michael Wilmington, CHICAGO TRIBUNE

Boogeyman: "If you can't spell 'bogeyman,' you shouldn't make movies about him." -- Maitland McDonagh, TV GUIDE

Diary of a Mad Black Woman: "I laughed. I cried. Mostly I just wanted to throw up. " -- Michael O'Sullivan, WASHINGTON POST

Posted on March 04, 2005 to Bad Review Revue