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Newer Rule

Matt Haughey invented a new Internet rule. I did not know we could do that. I assumed that new Internet rules had be approved by the W3 foundation or Al Gore or the Gnomes of Zürich or something, but apparently you can just make 'em up. INF0RMED.

So here's my new rule: no activist judges can read this site. The thought of activist judges, scourge of democracy, getting any enjoyment from my weblog is just too much for me to bear, so I'm putting my foot down. This may seem harsh, but, then again, it's not like I'm the one waging a war against people of faith.

It occurs to me, though, that my rule is a bit harder to enforce than Matt's. After all, when he finds someone in violation of his edict he just stops reading their site, whereas I have to find a way to prevent activist judges from reading mine. I guess I could check host names and block anyone who is using Unamerican Online as an ISP. Or I put something in place that looks at a visitor's referer and blocks them they came from leftwingjustice.com, legislatefromthebench.com, or gaymarriagelovingjudges.net -- that should prevent activist judges from coming here and chuckling knowingly at my charming witticisms.

Oh, but -- you know what? I put a referral filter in place, activist judges will probably just bookmark my site or type defectiveyeti.com directly into their location bar. That's exactly the sort of thing they would, goddamnit. OOO THOSE ACTIVIST JUDGES MAKE ME SO ANGRY!!!

Posted on April 28, 2005 to dy