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The Bad Review Revue

A Lot Like Love: "To call A Lot Like Love 'dead in the water' is an insult to water." -- Roger Ebert, CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

The Amityville Horror: "How dare anyone put this piece of crap in front of me? How dare anyone put it in front of you?" -- Stephanie Zacharek, SALON.COM

xXx - State of the Union: "So primitive, it must have been written in lizard blood on animal skin." -- Stephen Hunter, WASHINGTON POST

Cursed: "The best thing that can be said about Cursed is that it's scarier than Teen Wolf Too." -- Nicholas Schager, SLANT MAGAZINE

King's Ransom: "Dumber than the worst UPN sitcom." -- Elizabeth Weitzman, NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

The Jacket: "The characters are so flat and the dialogue so dull you expect it to be one of those movies whose existence is justified by a big final twist. But it's three days after the screening, and still no twist. Maybe it's coming in the mail?" -- Kyle Smith, NEW YORK POST

Posted on April 29, 2005 to Bad Review Revue