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Adventures With The Highly-Strung Cashier

As my items trundle down the conveyer belt at the local co-op, the cashier grabs a bag of cherries, sets them on the scale, and then reaches for the bananas. As he does, he glances at the scale's display.

Highly-Strung Cashier: Whah?! That's ridiculous!

Me: Huh?

HC: Oh, this thing is telling me to "mind the scale." Like, who's the cashier, here?! I know what I'm doing.

M: Ah.

HC: It's ridiculous. Why is it only telling me to mind the scale, when there are so many other things that need minding?

M: I, um, don't know.

HC: Next these things will be telling you how to do everything. It'll say, like, "mind the ... ", uh, like "get with the program."

I decide to play along.

M: It'll say "Don't forget to pay your taxes."

HC: Oh yeah, "pay your taxes" -- so your money can go to wars instead of schools!

I decide to stop playing along.

He eventually finishes ringing up my items in irritated silence and announces my total. I swipe my card through the reader.

HC: Credit or debit?

Without waiting for my reply he starts to push a button.

M: Debit.


Posted on August 08, 2005 to Conversations