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The Root Of Evil

On the phone with The Queen.

The Queen: Did you guys have fun at music class this morning.

Me: Oh yeah, we had a blast. And afterwards, when I was driving The Squirrelly to daycare, he ate raw carrots for the first time. I think he really liked them.

Q: Where did he get raw carrots?

M: I forgot to bring him an after-music-class snack, so I just gave him the baby carrots from my lunch.

Q: You gave him whole baby carrots while you were driving?! And he didn't choke to death?!

M: Ah, no. And for future reference: if I ever tell you a story that involves our son choking to death on baby carrots, I promise that, A, I'll mention that fact in the lead paragraph, and, B, I will not refer to the experience as 'a blast'.

Posted on October 19, 2005 to Conversations